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6’ level
Torpedo level
Cordless drill
Cordless impact drill
Multi screwdriver
Nail sets
Steel toe boots
Chalk line
Wood chisels
Proper safety equipment
String line

Line level
Circular saw
Jig saw
Drywall saw
Hand saw
Caulk gun
Adjustable wrench
Countersink bit
Wood paddle bits
Drill bits

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Lead Carpenter
Job Description & Duties

The position of Lead Carpenter is an integral part of the management team at Onesta Construction. The Lead carpenter is the main point of contact on each project. They meet with clients, inspectors, subcontractors and suppliers. It is the Lead carpenter that makes sure that the project is done correctly and according to specifications. They are responsible for getting each project done on time and within budget.

Overall Responsibilities
The lead carpenter is completely responsible for the successful completion of the jobs given to them, which includes being on time, on budget, and maintaining a high level of quality.  In addition to being an excellent framing and finish carpenter, he or she should exhibit good judgment, high ethical standards, good oral and written communication skills, and strong leadership abilities.  The perfect lead carpenter is:  Aggressive, Organized, and Considerate.

Specific Responsibilities
Customer satisfaction and company representation

  • The lead carpenter will be assigned to a job to “own” the job.  This means that you are the upfront representation of the company.  You are expected to do whatever is reasonable to satisfy the customer.  We always want to accommodate our clients and their wishes but any change in the project scope of work requires a signed change order.  If the client has a issue with this, direct them to the project manager.
  • As the lead carpenter, you are the upfront representation of the company.  You are responsible for our appearance to the customer.  This means watching your job site every day to be sure all employees are wearing clean well-kept uniforms.

Complete projects profitably, on schedule, and safely.

  • Our company exists by making a profit on what we do.  You are expected to run your job site in the most efficient manner possible in order to maximize our profit earnings for each job.
  • The lead carpenter will develop and maintain the project schedule.  To be sure your job is on schedule or ahead of schedule, monitor your progress against the flow chart.  Notify the project manager when any deviances from the project schedule have been made or are expected.
  • You are responsible for the safety on the job site.  Be sure that job conditions encourage safety.  Monitor both company and individual equipment for proper safety features, safe electrical cords, etc., and inform the project manager of any unsafe conditions.  Maintain all company tools to ensure their safety, reliability, and longevity.  Proper safety equipment must always be used.

Maintenance of job-site paperwork and working knowledge of all contract documents.

  • You are responsible for knowing and understanding all contract documents including plans, specifications, and change orders.  Any questions you have, or discrepancies you discover, should be checked with the project manager.  
  • You are responsible for maintaining all job records as required by the office.  This includes the daily job report, all time cards from that job, change orders, receipts, delivery records, and all other required paperwork.  These records are most important for our work and must be maintained by the lead carpenter and turned into the office on Friday and the meeting

Supervision of subcontractors

  • You will schedule and coordinate all subcontractors, in consultation with the project manager, work out their layout problems, ensure their proper performance and approve their payment, as well as ensure that they get timely inspections on their work.  It is your responsibility to be sure that all subcontractors adhere to all of our company’s policies concerning safety, cleanliness, alcohol use, and customer satisfaction

Scheduling of inspections.

  • You are responsible for the timely request for all necessary inspections, including but not limited to footing, framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, insulation, drywall, and final inspections.

Material takeoffs and orders.

  • The lead carpenter will prepare the final material takeoffs and order materials promptly and accurately as well as be responsible for checking all deliveries for accuracy and quantity. With at least 24 hours’ notice, we can minimize or eliminate material runs by company employees.  All material orders are to go through the project manager to ensure cost control.  Carpenters or helpers may pick up materials only under emergency conditions.

Job-site protection, and cleanliness.

  • You are responsible for the protection of the client’s property.  Do not use anything, including tools, equipment, or cleaning supplies that belong to the client.  Be sure you lock and secure the job site before you leave for the day.  
  • You must maintain a clean work site.  You will be responsible for the delivery and exchange of job-site trash receptacles, keeping a broom swept job every day, proper storage of tools, materials, and debris, as well as providing adequate dust protection of the client’s property.  

Supervision and performance of company labor

  • You are responsible for the performance of all company labor.  When additional help is needed, you are responsible for requesting the help from the office with 48 hours notice.  When other carpenters or helpers are on your job, you are responsible for assigning them work, expediting their performance and generally supervising them.
  • You will be overseeing other company employees on a regular basis.  Therefore, you are responsible for reporting performance items to the project manager.  This includes reviews for raises, promotions, demotions, and reprimands.  You will be expected to assist in interviewing and selecting candidates for new carpenter positions with the company.

Weekly office meetings

  • You are required to attend the weekly labor meeting every Friday at 3pm at the office. This is the time to schedule labor for the following week and talk about things coming up on your project.

Participate in meetings with customers including pre-construction, weekly meeting, final walk through

  • A pre-construction meeting will be held with all customers.  The purpose of this meeting is to introduce the customer to you and to address any issues or concerns before work begins.
  • Prior to the installation of insulation or drywall, you are responsible for attaining the signature of the customer stating that the placement of all items is correct.
  • You will be responsible for walking the job site during substantial completion and creating a punch list of items to be corrected.  These items will be corrected before the customer does their walk though.  Our goal is to attain a zero item punch list from the customer.

Installation and maintenance of all job site advertisement

  • You are responsible for installing a job sign in the most prominent place possible and for maintaining its condition.  Where appropriate, door hangers or other promotional materials should be distributed in the surrounding neighborhood.  Work with the project manager or the salesperson on this; we all benefit when we can sign up new work.  Every sales lead is important.

 Assist in constructing and manning home show booths and promoting education

  • Onesta Construction attains much of its business from home shows and other advertising methods where we are face to face with the public.  You will be expected to assist in construction of these items as well as representing the company during the shows.
  • You are expected to serve as a role model for the other carpenters on your job-site.  One of these responsibilities includes continual education by means of books, related courses, seminars, etc.

Overall company policy adherence

  • It is your responsibility to be aware that all persons working in relation to our company, including but not limited to employees, subcontractors, vendors, and customers adhere to all of our company’s policies including but not limited to safety, appearance, cleanliness, alcohol use, and customer satisfaction.  If anybody is performing in a manner outside of our company policies, you are expected to report this to your supervisor immediate

All Lead Carpenters are required to own and maintain the following tools.

20oz hammer min
Tool belt with pouches
Speed square
Framing square
25’ Tape measure
Pry bar
Nail puller
Razor knife
Nail sets
2’ level
4’ level

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