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Home Remodeling

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Q: Why Onesta Construction? 
A: Honesty, Respect, & Quality.  These three words are what we founded our business on: 

Honesty - Over the years we have seen many time where contractors are not honest with their clients. At Onesta construction we understand that being honest with our clients is of the utmost importance. From being upfront about project costs and timelines to being completely transparent with our pricing so that our clients know what they are paying for. 

Respect - At Onesta Construction YOU matter! You become part of the team and the Onesta family. From the initial design phase through construction to completion, we will make sure you are involved and informed every step of the way. 

Quality - At Onesta Construction we pride ourselves on great quality. Look at the houses that were built 100 years ago, why are they still standing? Because they used quality materials and quality craftsman. We use top quality materials and methods and hire quality craftsmen and subcontractors to work on every project regardless of size or scope. Our quality is our passion. 
Q: Do you give free estimates? 
A: The initial consultation is free. We do charge for our designs. Typical design fees range from $500 to $2,500 or higher depending on the project. We do complete construction/remodeling proposals after the design is agreed upon. We prefer to work with our clients through a design/build process that allows us to deliver the best project to our clients. 

Q: How do I plan for my remodel? Items to consider: 
A:  Determine what you really want in advance. What are your basic priorities and the goals for what you want your remodel to achieve? Write these items down on paper for future reference.
~Cut pictures from magazines and articles on remodeling. Make any notes or questions you have and about the various products and designs that you are potentially interested in.
~Determine a budget. Your budget will ultimately decide what you can do and how you will go about doing it. How much do you want to spend? Check out and look at the cost vs. value report.
~Consider how you will finance the project. Determine if you will pay cash, home improvement loan, home equity line of credit, re-finance, or take out a second mortgage. 
Q: Do I need permits? 
A: Most likely you will need a permit if you are changing anything other than paint. Please know that Onesta Construction will not work without a permit when they are required per city and/or county jurisdictions. 
Q: How much will it cost? 
A: Every project is different and we pride ourselves on being transparent with our bids.  Our clients know how much each aspect of their job will cost.  Once we know the exact scope of work, plans and selections have been made, we will give you a fixed price for the remodeling work. 
Q: How long will it take? 
A: Again this depends on the scope of work. Once we know this we will give you a project schedule and a completion date. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing when the various aspects of the project will start as well as when the entire project will be completed. 
Q: When can you start? 
A: As soon as the construction contract is signed we apply for the permit if one is required, once we have the permit in hand we will determine when the next lead carpenter is available and will start the project at that time.  You will always be aware of the project schedule. 
Q: Do I have to move out? 
A: Please realize part of the decision to stay in the house during the remodel will depend on your tolerance level for disruption of your normal routines at home. Since all we do is residential remodeling, we know how to work with you and your family. We are experts at protection of your home and belongings. Of course some jobs encompass so much of the house that it would be impractical for anyone to try to live there during the remodel. Other jobs are more modest in scope and leave large parts of the house untouched. We find that with the proper protection most people can live in the house during these types of remodels. 

Q: Who will be running my project?
A: We have an onsite Lead Carpenter that runs each project. There will also be a Project Manager that will oversee your project.
Q: Will someone be on my job every day?
A: We assign a Lead Carpenter to each and every project. He will be there every day provided it is needed. We can have them there on days that just trades are working, but there are supervision fees if there is only subcontractor work being performed.
Q: What quality materials do you use?
 A: We are aligned with great companies:
               Schluter Systems- waterproofing systems for tile showers and bathrooms
               Beechworth Windows – Fiberglass windows
               Trex Decking – Trex Pro Contractor
               Ceaserstone – Quartz Countertops
               Sherwin Williams- Premium paints and finishes
Q: Is there a warranty?
A: All materials, fixtures, etc. carry a manufactures warranty, we provide a 1 year labor warranty.
Q: Do you use sub-contractors?
A: Yes- We believe that you will get a project with the highest level of quality and craftsmanship by using the best companies in each field of your project. To handle specific mechanicals such as HVAC, electrical and plumbing, and other skilled trades such as drywall, tile and granite, we do rely on reputable subcontractors to help complete our projects.
Q: Do you have a list of references that we can contact?
A: We do have a list of customers that can be called for a reference. Out of respect for our past clients, we do not give this list out until we meet with you in person to consider your remodeling project.

Q: I have three different estimates, and the prices vary greatly, why?
A: Good question. There are a number of different factors that go into pricing a remodeling job. Check the obvious first. Make sure that every estimate has the same scope of work. If the estimates are so vague that you cannot decipher that information, go back to the contractor for clarification, IN WRITING, not just a "Yep, it’s included" over the phone. If you cannot get satisfactory written results, eliminate that contractor from future bidding.

 The level of service given by a contractor greatly affects the cost. If the contractor spends lots of time picking out materials, attending to every detail, and taking care of all the little extras, so you don't have to, will cost a little extra. When a contractor carries all the proper and required insurances, his prices will be higher than a “pick-up contractor.” Quality of work, which is hard to show in a written estimate, is also a factor in costs. For example, our carpenters do very high quality work and that piece of mind is worth the extra money up front to most people. This portion of the cost variation is usually only confirmed by calling references or visiting jobs the contractor has done in the past.


Frequently Asked Questions...

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